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Pre-Production For Film has Begun!! :)

So I decided it had been long enough and it was time to make films for myself again. So my studio Pirate Animation is back in Production.

I let some people close to me know about my intentions and now they have decided to take part.
My friends at Reallusion Inc. and Game Art Institute have decide to show their support.
Game Art Institute is hosting a Production Class were you can be part of the crew while we make the film.
And Reallusion is giving every student in the class Free Software. And for an added bonus we will get to use the next version of software from them before the rest of the world!

The animation was exported from iClone and into Maya. Then an Alembic file was exported to the Unreal Engine and rendered at 4K Resolution.


iClone Unreal Test 001 Textured

iClone Unreal Pre-Production Test 001